Virtual Romania's History

We're two Romanians living half the time in the USA and half in Romania. We started this site because we realized that, while there are many sites about Romania, none that we could find was really bias free. They all had a purpose, ultimately making money. So we created Virtual Romania, which is just for fun. It doesn't have a lot of information on it (though we keep adding) but whatever is there, is what we think, not some commercial jumbo. This way we can keep it nonsense free, simple, uncluttered, no ads, fast loading, the way we like it.

We are not affiliated with anyone in any way. The opinions expressed here are ours, and no one else's, though we hope they are shared by many people. We do not plan to make money with this site (on the contrary, we're spending money on it) so please do not contact us about placing ads on Virtual Romania.

It's quite some work for only two people, and it really feels good when, every once in a while, someone comes along and says 'good job'. So thanks to everyone who does that, you inspire us and give us momentum to keep adding content.

That being said, these are the main events in Virtual Romania's life:

We hope you enjoyed our site. Please come back from time to time, as new content is added constantly. If you have suggestions, or if you want to drop a line you can do so at We'd love to hear what you want to see next on Virtual Romania. Please keep in mind this is work in progress, after all. We'll try to answer your message, but understand that we have a high volume of email.


Virtual Romania's crew