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Bucharest is a city of contrasts and our guess is that it has always been that way (even in the times when it was known as "The little Paris"). Home to about 2.5 million people, Bucharest offers a multitude of things to see and do even if on a first sight it may not seem so. We noticed that many travel guides available in English advice people not to go to Bucharest. We do agree that Bucharest can be a difficult and frustrating city for a foreigner and that there are numerous more photogenic places to visit in Romania. Bucharest was gravely defaced during communism with most of the old town being torn down to make way for the ugly Soviet style buildings that you can see today in many parts of the city. However, most foreigners that return to Bucharest say that the city is the kind that is slowly growing on you and that if you give it more time it will reward you. Personally we love this city and we encourage you to visit. Yes, there are stray dogs, there are street children and beggars and the traffic is crazy. But Bucharest also has beautiful architecture, good restaurants and bars and nice places to go shopping.

The best time to visit Bucharest is in May or September. The winter is usually very cold and Bucharest sees a lot of snow (I like this, guaranteed white Christmas every year; but if you don't like cold avoid coming here from December to February). Summer (July, August) is really hot (the city is located in the middle of a plain) and it doesn't cool off much in the afternoon. The heat used to be a problem because most places didn't have air conditioning. Not anymore; almost all shops and restaurants are air conditioned now. You can probably see the major sites in one day but we recommend that you spend a few days here. There are enough places to see for a few days.

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